45% Off Premium Unpastuerized Almonds – Deliveries Begin January 4th | Sonoma County

45% Off Premium Unpastuerized Almonds – Deliveries Begin January 4th | Sonoma County

45% Off Premium Unpastuerized Almonds! Our family’s Wayside Ranch has a limited quantity of premium unpasteurized almonds remaining.  These almonds are sustainably-farmed on our family’s ranch in Kern County (see details and story below) and we’d love to share them with you.

  • Retail: $9/lb at farmers markets
  • Deal Price: $5/lb (45% OFF)
  • Terms: Our minimum order is 20lbs in increments of 5. We have just a few hundred pounds left.
  • Contact: Please email We look forward to hearing from you!!!

About Wayside Ranch

Emma and Craig run Sonoma County’s Wayside Ranch and have been farming organically in Sonoma County since 2011 and selling at local farmers markets. Around that time, a 36 acre almond farm in Shafter, CA (Kern County) that has been in the  family for over 30 years was passed down from Emma’s grandfather, Roger Frantz, to her father, Tom Frantz. Our goal is to combine energy and excitement for farming sustainably with a passion for environmental justice.

Our Farming Practices

Tom Frantz Wayside Ranch Almonds
Tom Frantz Wayside Ranch Almonds

Wayside Ranch is run by Emma and Craig and our goal is to make radical changes to traditional almond farming. Our pollinating bees come to us locally – less than a mile away! 2013 marks the year when we will take out several acres of trees to plant native grasses and flowers for bee habitat. We put 5 tons of compost on each tree, yearly. This is in place of synthetic fertilizers. We use water efficiently with our drip irrigation system. Integrated pest management is key; observing and encouraging natural enemies of pests that can threaten each crop.

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