Honors & Awards


  • 2014 Red Cross “Real Heroes” Humanitarian Award (Nick Papadopoulos & Gary Cedar, Co-Founders)
  • 2014 US Congressional Honors, Environment for “Creating the CropMobster platform for the Benefit of All”
  • 2014 United Nations Delegate: UN Foundation,  Global Accelerator Forum
  • 2014 CA Food Waste Roundtable Board Member:  CA Governor’s Office
  • 2013 Grand Prize Winner:  “Company Most Likely to Change the World”  (Sierra Nevada Startup Challenge)
  • 2013 First Place Winner: “Most Innovative Product, Food & Agriculture”  (Sierra Nevada Startup Challenge)

Nick Papadopoulos, Co-Founder (CEO)

nick-papa-300x225Nick Papadopoulos has spent many years as a consultant, project manager and business leader focusing on one objective — how to facilitate the transformation of businesses, teams and communities for meaningful and measurable results. He has worked and volunteered in a variety of settings, from grassroots community organizing and public policy projects to managing strategic and cause-related projects for major global companies and associations. Nick is currently the General Manager at his family farm Bloomfield Organics.

Gary Cedar, Co-Founder

gary-cedar-1Gary’s personal passion for creative problem solving related to technology, sustainability and renewable resource solutions inspired him to create CropMobster with his close friend Nick. By leveraging social media and instant alerts CropMobster is able to spread the word quickly about local surplus from any supplier in the food chain, help local businesses recover costs and connect our community in new and fun ways. Our primary vision is to change the world “one alert at a time”.