Alert Posting Guidelines

CropMobster is a community-based sharing and exchange platform for food resources. All alerts posted are by individuals and businesses around your local community.

Posts on CropMobster are referred to as “alerts”. When an alert is submitted to CropMobster, a Community Moderator located within your area will review and publish or decline alerts.

To be approved by Community Moderators, your alert must be relevant to food, agriculture, community resources, or conservation and have a clear explanation of such in the alert’s title and/or body. Community Moderators may also hold an alert if there is information missing or needs further clarification.

Getting The Most From Your Alerts

The best alerts have a much detail as possible. We’ve found this is what gets the best results within CropMobster. We also encourage passing a little more information about the origin of your products or history of your business.

Posting Alerts About Animals

Of particular concern is the trading and sharing of household pets. For an animal to be posted for sale, trade, etc, you must include a clear agricultural purpose written in the title of the alert.

For example, “Barn cat, great for controlling rodent populations” or “Guardian dog for sheep and other livestock“.
If it appears your alert is exchanging a household pet, your alerts will be denied. For example, “Cute dog or parrot that needs a new home“.