15 chickens for sale , 12 laying hens + 3 roosters

15 chickens for sale , 12 laying hens + 3 roosters

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hens are laying eggs, small/medium size eggs.  They are pets that roamed over 1 acre.  Not factory farm for large eggs.You can also keep the eggs

They roam to my neighbors yard too but always come back home.These are the smart ones that escaped capture when I sold my first batch of chicks.Most are grey, medium to small,

I have one blond hen.I can keep the roosters if you don’t want them

all 15 chickens for $65, new photosI was not able to meet a lot of potential buyers due to rain and we were busy.Will donate $20 to Crop mobster

here’s more photos, I only kept the ad so you can see more photos.  selling for $65 to crop mobster



I have no problems selling them it was hard trying to sell during the rain.

local buyer cause you might have to come back for the rest of chickens in case I can’t catch them all for you

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