4-week chicks, brown egg layers

4-week chicks, brown egg layers

I have a batch of healthy, vaccinated, organic-fed, 4-week chicks. I bought a big batch for a couple people, but they bailed on me. Now they are getting big, and need a new home.

These chicks are separate from other birds & vaccinated, so they are free of any pathogens or mites. They are nearly fully feathered & probably ready to move outside into secure housing.

I don’t know what breeds these chicks are. They are part of an assortment from the hatchery–I do know that they are female, and they lay brown eggs. I can take a guess on some of them, but can’t guarantee you’ll get the buff orpington that you really want.

Chicks are $10 each. This is pretty close to my cost for delivery, feed, and electricity for the heat lamp. It’s a great deal because I don’t need them all!

Oakland, Fruitvale neighborhood. You pick up. (Sorry the pictures are terrible, but chickens don’t like to have their pictures taken!)

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