Set of 5 Metal Shelter Animal Huts and One Pig Trough

Set of 5 Metal Shelter Animal Huts and One Pig Trough

If you have looked at this listing before, we have 5 medium metal huts left.
These are metal huts that we purchased from; feel free to check out their website to see the cost of these + shipping…this is definitely a deal. 

2 of the huts are bent a bit (nothing a propane torch and rubber hammer can’t fix), 1 or 2 have very minor (cosmetic) dents (again nothing a small hammering with a rubber hammer cant fix). 

We also have a Salatin style hog feeder that can roll from one forest patch to another and holds about a ton of feed. SAVED US HOURS OF WORK just move the feeder to the new paddock let the animals follow, fill and forget. 

Asking $2,200 for the 5 huts and $1000 for the feeder. 
Reason for selling is that I am moving properties and I simply don’t need all of them. Text at 619-623-1794
Serious buyers please text or call me to see them in person.
Just as the name implies, PORT-A-HUTS are portable! Their convenient 4’6″x7’6″ base and 3’10” height allows for easy mobility, and with only 145 pounds weight, PORT-A-HUTS can be handled by one man. Remove the two front and one back anchor stakes included with each hut and you’re ready to move your hog operation! Fifteen huts can be transported on your pickup. Ruggedness is another outstanding feature of PORT-A-HUTS. Each hut is all-steel constructed with heavy, galvanized, corrugated steel reinforcements and heavy duty angle iron frames. PORT-A-HUTS are maintenance free and built to take it! 

The “Pasture System” has labor savers that allow minimum labor and management to produce maximum number of pigs in relation to cost. Break the disease cycle in your confinement house by using PORT-A-HUTS in the pasture for one farrowing

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