8 Naturally Colored Merino Sheep for Sale

8 Naturally Colored Merino Sheep for Sale

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The perfect starter flock!

These sheep are premium wool animals. They are small for sheep, which makes them easier to handle. This flock of 8 individuals enjoys attention from children and adults, and can be petted and hand-fed. They are so sweet, adorable, and curious. The flock originates from a prominent, organic California breeder who has raised this type of Merinos since the 1980’s.

These naturally colored Merinos have super soft and fine wool. Wonderful for lightweight, soft, delicate fabrics and garments. Staple length: 2”-4”; Micron: 12 – 26, Great crimp.

Meet the the flock:

1 black wether, yearling
1 moorit wether, yearling
1 black ewe, yearling
2 moorit ewe, yearlings
1 white ewe
2 moorit ewes

The sheep are sold as the entire flock, not individuals.  The flock is located in Santa Rosa.

I love this flock but have to find them a new loving home due to personal reasons.

I am open to negotiate price to a certain extend for fiber and/or produce or other farm products.

Electrical netting/fencing, troughs etc. are available for sale, too. You could be up and running in one day!

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