Beginner and Advanced Backyard Chicken Keeping Classes With Alchemist Farms

Beginner and Advanced Backyard Chicken Keeping Classes With Alchemist Farms

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Want To Know All About Backyard Chicken Keeping? We Have You Covered!

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Spring is in full swing and chick season is upon us.  Every year our head chicken wrangler at Alchemist Farm gets thousands of questions from folks of all sorts of expert levels in backyard chicken raising. This year for the first time she is offering two full class days (March 11th at Alchemist Farm and April 1st at Healdsburg SHED) when two classes will be taught back to back. The first class offered on each class day is “Backyard Chicken Raising For Beginners” and the second is “Advanced Backyard Chicken Raising”. You can come to one or both classes on either class day to brush up on your chicken whispering skills and expand your knowledge base!

Check out the descriptions below for a full outline of each class as well as locations and times.

 Back Yard Chickens For Beginners

Ready to raise your own flock of backyard chickens? Come learn everything you need to know for a healthy brood from Franchesca Duval, head chicken wrangler at Alchemist Farm. This two hour class is designed for those who want to know the basics of backyard chicken keeping, from which breeds to select for your flock goals to how to build a predator proof coop. Attendees will learn about brooding of chicks, feed for all stages of a chickens life, proper coop maintenance, integration of existing flocks, collection and storage of eating eggs, how to set yourself up for success in relating to your new yard companions and how to look for signs of illness.

Advanced Chicken Keeping

Ready to take your backyard flock to the next level? This two hour class will be packed with information and answers for experienced backyard chicken keepers. Franchesca Duval, head chicken wrangler at Alchemist Farm, will discuss various incubators and incubation techniques, how to select correct eggs for incubation, how test for signs of fertility, candling, feather color genetics, and how to breed for specific looks in your birds. She’ll also cover chicken health issues like vaccination, holistic health management of your flock, setting up proper biosecurity, NPIP certification, what to keep in your home veterinary kit, treatments for common ailments, and what to do what a bird that has perished if you want it tested.

March 11th

Class 1: 10-12 Class 2: 2-4   Location: Alchemist Farm In Sebastopol (Space is Limited) Cost is $55 per class or $100 for both classes. To register email:

April 1st Class 1: 10-12 Class 2: 1-3   Location: SHED 25 North st. Healdsburg  Cost is $45 per class. Franchesca will bring two of Alchemist Farms favorite breeds to SHED for class participants to look at and interact with.  To register follow these links:

Beginner Chicken Keeping

Advanced Chicken Keeping

Class participants in either class day receive 15% off a chick or hatching order placed in 2017!


About the instructor:
Franchesca Duval, head chicken wrangler at Alchemist Farm, believes that there is a chicken breed for everyone. She works with a foundation of the best breeding stock and constantly breeds up to perfection with temperament at the forefront of her mind. She watches every bird on the land and only allows kind roosters to breed for future generations. The result is a rooster that protects the flock but is safe around children. Franchesca is committed to educating anyone who is interested in learning about raising backyard chickens and is available for speaking engagements. Her enthusiasm and joy for what she does inspires others towards greater self reliance and sustainability.

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