Certified Organic Laying Hens

Certified Organic Laying Hens

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We’re selling our certified-organic, pasture raised flock of laying hens.  Breeds include mostly Americaunas (blue eggs) and Barred Rocks (brown eggs), with a few other breeds sprinkled in.  1-2 roosters available if you desire.

These laying hens were chicks in spring of 2017 — now over 1 year old and in their peak laying time.

They were raised on 100% organic feed and certified organic pasture.


The entire flock is 50-55 birds. Minimum 10 hen purchase. Price discounted the more birds you get — see below.



10-15 hens @ $12/hen

15-25 hens @ $10/hen

25-40 hens @  $8/hen

Whole flock @  $6/hen


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