Chickens wanted for recovery program

Chickens wanted for recovery program

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Hey all!  My name is Ryan and I recently dove into a volunteer residential year doing recreational therapy at a local 14 person therapeutic addiction recovery home in Santa Cruz.   We have the guys all out doing volunteer work at a local developing farm/garden, but recently received a great chicken coop and a (lonely single) chicken.   The guys instantly revealed their soft heart and I’ve been having a blast for the past 2 weeks watching them nurture, cuddle, spoil, talk to, and love on this chicken.
So…  I was reaching out to see if you would by chance consider donating your lovely birds to the project?  Here is an article from Adventure Sports Journal about a recent wilderness therapy trip that we hosted for the group to give you a feel of the nature of our work:

The animal therapy side of things is huge in the holistic recovery, empowerment, and healing of the group and works in parallel with hikes, sailing, volunteering, etc that we are promoting to the community.
Thanks so much for any time and consideration!!!!!!

Ideally younger and used to human interaction… Itd be great to have trimmed wings but not essential and they have a large back yard to freely play.
Ryan ‘Rev Mango’ Althaus


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