Clay Pots ~ Ollas ~ Self Watering Containers

Clay Pots ~ Ollas ~ Self Watering Containers

Self percolating garden ollas ~ garden pots that water your gardens and raised redwood containers.  The small holds almost two quarts or about half a gallon of water, the medium holds almost three quarts, the large size holds a little more than a gallon (SOLD OUT).  For more info please call 805.835.9995

The small pots are about 8″ tall, 5.5″ wide and about 19.5″ in diameter at its roundest girth.  They will water an area about 2′ ‘ sq ftthe medium pots are about 9.5″ tall and 6.5″ wide and about 22.5 in diameter at its roundest girth.  They will water an area about 2.5′  sq ftthe large pots are about 11.5″ tall, about 7.5″ wide and 26.5″ in diameter at it’s roundest girth.  

They will water an area about 3’  sq ft (SOLD OUT)How often to add water depends upon the soil type, climatic factors and the season.  In summer months in a temperate climate, we’d add water to the smaller containers 2x/week.In summer months in a temperate climate, we’d add water to the large container 1x/week.  If we were in a desert climate, it would require a bit more, and in a subtropical climate a bit less…We’ve gardened in Calistoga and in Sebastopol – each with unique microclimates…Please feel free to reach out with any questions ~We’ve grown practically every known vegetable in the temperate climate with these ollas, including sweet potatoes!  

We’ve also grown beautiful herbs and gorgeous ornamentals and perennials with ollas.  We’ve in turn passed them on to many families and communities of gardeners and farmers with ingenious results and abundant, vibrant harvests.While meeting farmers in Mexico, we were introduced to an ancient form of irrigation: efficient, effective, elegant and simple. Ollas are essential for daily agricultural life in rural Mexico, and indeed in many parts of the world.  Like any art form, they’re also pure expressions of the human spirit.

They’re spherical and artesanally handmade with native clays –  each is one of a kind, and an artful gateway for kindred growers to kindle creative, abundant gardens.  By sharing these pots with our fellow growers, we’re contributing to the preservation of skillful handcraft heritage, cultural and sustainable agricultural economies, weaving the social fabric of agricultural communities in San Miguel De Allende, MX.

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