Community Seed Exchange Free Class-Exploring Soils

Community Seed Exchange Free Class-Exploring Soils

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Seed Library will be open to public 9am-12pm

Work Party in Seed Garden 9am -11am

Free Class on Soils 11am-12pm  Examine how we have thought about soil throughout the history of agriculture, from the early age of science and into the present day. Explore the hidden world of soil microbiology and gain an understanding of the living soil web. Focus on simple regenerative techniques and waste cycling as workable solutions to climate change, usable today.

Stefan Stehling has been studying soils, compost, plants and gardening for over 20 years. Pursuing an interest in small-scale agriculture led to learning biointensive techniques from John Jeavons, the founder of Ecology Action. Since 2004, he has worked with the Compost Club to bring recycling, compost education and worm bin systems to hundreds of students in dozens of schools throughout the North Bay. Stefan also works with elementary and middle school students in science and ecology and is the owner of ROOTS Solutions, LLC, specializing in growing solutions to protect our soil and water resources.

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