Dairy Goat Herd For Sale

Dairy Goat Herd For Sale

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We have a herd of about 14 dairy goats, most still in milk for sale. The girls are anywhere from 3-5 years old and great for a new starter herd. Some are Kiko crossed with traditional dairy breeds and some are all dairy breed. These are hardy girls.

$150 each or $1300 for the entire group.

We also have some

– Female Spanish goats (purebred and crossed with Kiko or Boer)$75-200 (ages 3 months to 4 years)

– Kids of both Meat & dairy breeds  – female & males – mixed breeds – some males not castrated – $75-150 (depending on age and size 3mo+)

Email sarah@greenstarfarm.com for details and to schedule an appointment.

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