Entire Wool Mill Industrial Equipment Line

Entire Wool Mill Industrial Equipment Line

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Items can be purchased separately or as a package. Below are the details and specific prices. I have more photos to send as well. Thank you.


1986 CARDING MACHINE, 25″ Whitin D&F Carding Machine, 1986 F58, New belt, new motor                                                                              $38,000.00          Originally sold as a top quality used machine industrial sample machine – almost mint condition. New motor was added to suit the customer supply with a new belt to tidy the machine up. As new a similar machine would cost c. $80,000. The machine has been lightly used and is still in virtual mint condition.


1989 INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATEX  NEEDLE LOOM           $55,500.00                                                                                  2.5 meter, 10 FEET LONG, 10,0000 NEEDLES, 15,000 LBS 1989 yr, single board downpunch, 1000 strokes/minute,  152 needle density, 2.5″ stroke, 40 hp 230/460v draw rolls with pneumatic pressure solid apron Felts from 1/16” to 2” thick. Felts wool, cotton, other fibers Makes blankets, rugs, pads, felts, etc New MOTORS, new needles, repairs .  A good workhorse needleloom, in good condition, originally used for needling lightweight polyester felts. Bearing are solid, needleboards in good condition. Price is typically what a buyer would pay to a used machinery dealer this is in running condition and is good value. New motors to suit the site supply


Belfast ROVING DECK, purchased new in 2015,             $7500.00

A typical cottage industry roving deck – close to my original design from 20 years ago. In as new condition.

PIN DRAFTER-WARNER SWASEY Finisher Drafter, Model 3680,     $20,000.00 66″ W. x 58″ D. x 60″ T. – 5,500 lbs.—completely refurbished Originally sold as basic mechanical unit. Needed a lot of work to get this machine into running condition. New parts were purchased made from original drawings from the original manufacturing company. The machine was then set up correctly and is in excellent shape. These pindrafters were the backbone of the American Spinning industry from the 1950’s to the 1970’s and were built in Cleveland Ohio, heavy and made to last.


BELMONT 72B Skein Winder          18′ L. x 4′ 6″ W. – 4,500 lbs.      $4,500.00                                                                                            A typical industrial skeinwinder of late ‘60’s design, built in North Carolina and made to last.  MISCELLANEOUS EQUIPMENT:   2 Dryer Racks, 4 wire shelves, on wheels, can be easily disassembled

Serviceable units. Hand Picker, wash system, wool storage racks, felting tables for loom   Basic working equipment for a custom Mill. Large Carding drum, makes larger batts, Tools, etc                  $5000.00 TRAINING ON EQUIPMENT   , $4,000.00                                                                                                       SUBTOTAL OF EQUIPMENT: 134,500.00 WOOL BEDDING & FELTING BUSINESS  SEWING MACHINES, STEAMER, TOOLS, FABRICS, VENDOR LIST, CUSTOMER LIST, GOODWILL, ADMINISTRATIVE PAPERS, TAKE IN FORMS, PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS, RESEARCH, WOOL BEDDING TRAINING & DETAILS, PROMOTIONAL SEND OFF                                                                                                                                                                                                         $25,500.00

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