ExtraFood.org | How to Help Fire Food Relief in Marin

ExtraFood.org | How to Help Fire Food Relief in Marin

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ExtraFood Aiding Fire Relief Effort in Marin: Here’s How You Can Help


As part of the extended disaster response team in Marin, ExtraFood was called on immediately to help with the county’s work sheltering and supporting victims of the Sonoma/Napa fires. We are aiding the relief effort at Marin’s main emergency shelter at the Veterans’ Auditorium, soliciting new food donations and responding to donation offers from Marin businesses, picking up and delivering those donations to “pop-up shelters” being created across the county, and continuing with our everyday work of recovering and delivering excess food for Marin’s most vulnerable people. The best ways to support our work right now are:

  • if you work in a Marin business that has or makes food — ingredients or prepared food — and you’d like to offer a donation, contact us by calling 415-997-9830 or through mobile/web here. Businesses only, not individuals, thank you!
  • if you know someone who works in a Marin business that might be interested in donating food, please give them the above info.
  • sign up to volunteer for ExtraFood here.
  • if you’re operating a shelter or other food program in Marin and you’re not part of our program, tell us about your food needs here, or call us at 415-997-9830, and we’ll get food out to you.
  • as a nonprofit, we depend on generosity of all kinds to do more of what we do, and of course that includes funding. We’d be grateful if you’d make a gift here. Every dollar helps us get more food to more people in need.

Our deepest gratitude for your support during this heartbreaking time for so many of our neighbors in Sonoma and Napa counties. In our work at Marin’s main shelter we have been overwhelmed by the incredible resilience of the people finding refuge there. And we have been heartened by the amazing organization and strength of the people from the Marin County Sheriff’s Office, Marin County Department of Health & Human Services, Marin Search & Rescue and literally hundreds of other people and organizations working together to respond to this devastating calamity.



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