Farm animals for sale

Farm animals for sale

This alert has been closed and is no longer available.

The owners of our farm has unexpectedly decided to shut the farm down. We are looking to rehome our animals to happy, healthy properties.

Chickens: about 100 available

The majority of our chickens are pullets that will begin laying in July. We have Easter Eggers, Golden Comet and Austrian Whites these are $15 each. Price is reduced when purchasing over 20 – please contact for more information on bulk pricing.

Our other chickens are on their 2nd or 3rd year laying these are $10 each, again price will be reduced if purchasing bulk quantities. Most are Leghorn mix and Easter Eggers.

Goats: 9 available, meat & dairy varieties

We have 6  goats each are $100

– 1 buckling born March 2017 (has successfully impregnated 3 ladies)

– 2 females that gave birth to 2 kids in March 2016 without problems

– 1 female with 2 kids from March 2017, a wether and a female- price is reduced to $200 if all three are purchased together (March 2017 she gave birth to triplets)

We also have 3 Dairy goats

– 1 female, has previously been milked and is well behaved $100

– Her wether is also available for $100 or $50 if you purchase with the mother. He is our most personable goat and about 1 year old.

– 1 female, we believe is pregnant $100

Purchase of multiple goats will reduce pricing


Not certain of breed, most are 1 year old. Eggs have been laid and a few are sitting but we haven’t seen ducklings yet. They are Free provided that you are able to catch them – we will help but they’re skiddish. 7 available

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