Why We Farm | book talk

Why We Farm | book talk

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Join us for an enlightening evening with author, farmer and educator Elvira DiBrigit as she premieres her new book Why We Farm: Farmers’ Stories of Growing Our Food and Sustaining Their Business. In her book, DiBrigit shares anecdotal stories about farmers from Capay Valley, who are each practicing different agricultural methods; from conventional to organic, from wholesale to mail-order, from single specialty crop to wide product diversity.

Why We Farm is a book for people who want to know the whole truth about life as a modern day farmer. Endorsed with a foreword by Craig McNamara, President of the CA Board of Food and Agriculture, the book features well know farms such as Full Belly Farm, Riverdog Farm, and lesser known new farms such as Spreadwing Farm and Leap Frog farm.

Light refreshments will be provided, including fresh produce samples from some of the farmers included in the book, courtesy of the Berkeley Farmers Market!

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