Free Rooster to a Good Home

Free Rooster to a Good Home

Free rooster, to a good home.

Green Bean was named for his green-tinged legs. He’ll be 5 months old next week, and is mature and handsome, and concerned about the hens and finding them food already. He’s an Easter Egger – so he’s half Ameraucana, half ?? We raised him since he was a baby.

The hens have all voted and they’d really just like to keep this a hen-only-zone here in our back garden. We have to respect their wishes, so out Green Bean goes. Also, he’s eating my succulents, which is too far for this plant person.

We raise our chickens strictly organic feed, no corn, no soy. Bundles of kale and various healthy treats throughout the day. They’re all free-range, in a relatively large urban back garden chock full of interesting plants and insects. I guess the point is, he’s healthy!!

Please tell me a little bit about your place, what he’d be moving into. You’d probably need to pick him up at dusk or night time. Or be able to catch him yourself.


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