Gardening and Food Production class, 8 Thursdays

Gardening and Food Production class, 8 Thursdays

8-3pm, June 21- Aug 9, 2 all-day field trips, 6 instruction days at Shone.  Register for SusAg 120
This  course emphasizes the hands-on skills, cultural practices, products,  marketing, and management decisions involved in sustainable farming  systems.  Lectures provide the opportunity to have focused discussion of  various aspects of organic gardening.  Guest instructors/speakers,  videos, audio recordings, and field trips will diversify the  instruction.  SRJC’s 365 acre Shone Farm provides a unique opportunity  to gain direct, hands-on experience in the application of organic  gardening skills.  The Sustainable Agriculture Farm provides an  educational setting for observations, demonstrations, and application of  various sustainable food production methods.   Instructor: Heidi Herrmann

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