Goat Kids – Nigerian Dwarf, Alpine-Nubian Cross (Great Milkers!)

Goat Kids – Nigerian Dwarf, Alpine-Nubian Cross (Great Milkers!)

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Our goal is to produce goats who are great milkers and friendly pets. We hope that all kids born on our farm find loving homes, where they will provide endless hours of fun and delicious milk for drinking and cheesemaking. We raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats, critically endangered San Clemente Island Goats, Nubians, Mini Nubians and Alpine/Nubian crosses.

We take reservations for kid goats with a $50 deposit. Your kid is ready to home at two to three months old, disbudded (doelings only), wormed, vaccinated for CDT and castrated, if you are requesting a wether. We no longer offer disbuded bucklings or wethers. Given their high levels of testosterone, potentially harmful scurs can often grow – even after disbudding more than once, which is painful for the animal.  We have had no problems with any of our goats that still have horns.

Doelings: $200-300. Price will depend on lineage (registered goat) and quality of kid born.

Wethers: $125. These neutered boys make great pets and companion goats for does or bucks.

Bucklings: $200. We only sell  intact males from does that we have milked with good results or bucks with a proven track record of producing quality kids.

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