Hands-On Graywater Installation

Hands-On Graywater Installation

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 There is a wellspring of guilt-free reusable water hiding in your house…graywater! Join us to learn how to tap into this money-saving resource and watch your garden oasis flourish.Graywater is the rinse water from your laundry machine, shower, tub, and bathroom sink, which can be easily rerouted to irrigate your landscape. Plants love it! The Laundry-to-Landscape (L2L) system is an easy and affordable DIY project with no permit required, and saves thousands of gallons per year. 

In this informative workshop, we’ll lay out in plain language everything you need to know to install your own Laundry-to-Landscape system. We’ll discuss system design, the best plants for graywater, cost, codes, soaps, and tips and tricks for installation. Then we’ll get hands-on to actually install a L2L system at a Petaluma residence. 

Please note that this event has limited spacing. If you sign up please be sure to attend or cancel ahead of time so that others can join this valuable workshop.   

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