Headin’ to Montana! 3 lovely hens & their belongings..

Headin’ to Montana! 3 lovely hens & their belongings..

Had high hopes of bringing our three favorite hens with us to MT but decided it’s not going to work. Don’t want them stuck in a little back yard with snowy, long winters.

They are great little layers and just over a year old. one each- American red, blue laced red Wyandotte & black laced red Wyandotte. The blue laced hen keeps going broody so she’s love if you’d find her some eggs to sit on. If you don’t want her broody- just keep her in a separate cage with no laying box for a few days and she snaps out of it. She hatched a batch of 6 chicks early this spring and was a good mama hen.

They come with about 1/3 bucket of both organic crumble and organic corn/oyster shells. I also have a big bag of shavings for nesting and a bag of diatomaceous earth I like to keep in the laying boxes to discourage any mites. I also have a expensive auto fill water thing that worked well inside their pen so we didn’t need to worry about refilling a water container for them at night.

Would love for them to go to their new home soon as we are packing and it would be one less thing to think about.


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