High Quality Breeding Rams for Sale

High Quality Breeding Rams for Sale

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Green Goose Farm of Cotati is offering two high-quality breeding rams for sale.


These rams are the result of multiple generations of selection and culling, and were left intact specifically for their breeding potential.  Ram #1 is half Dorper and half Black Belly, and has the horns of a Black Belly.  Ram #2 is full Dorper breed with endearing black markings, and is naturally polled (horn free).


Both Black Belly and Dorper breeds are hair sheep meat breeds that do not require shearing, and do not produce lanolin.  Without lanolin they result in a delicious mild meat without the gamey flavor that some consumers dislike.  Both breeds are mild in temperament, excellent foragers, disease resistant, and perfectly suited to California’s climate.


Ram #1 was born 1/24/2016.  He is full Dorper size (about 230lbs), and is ready to breed now.   $350 for this fine fellow.


Ram #2 was born 6/21/2017.  He is developing well and will be breeding fall of 2018.  $300 for an excellent Dorper example. (pictured)


Both available now in Cotati for pickup.  Please email Roy.  Thank you for your interest.

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