Hoss Seeder

Hoss Seeder

The Deluxe Seeder Attachment Combination

You get the following components:

Seeder Attachment
with plates 1 through 6
Hoss Deluxe wheel hoe
with Curved wooden handles
Weeding Sweeps
and 3 Cultivator teeth
Extra plates for making custom spacing.
Row marker
Offset handle, so you can stay out of the bed.

This combination lets you seed, cultivate, and weed!

Our weeding sweeps are just like the Planet Jr blades that were used on small farms for so many decades. They are called Sweeps because each blade angles back to allow plant matter to slide off the blades. By making a shallow cut beneath the soil surface they kill the weeds without stirring up new weed seeds.

I paid over $500 for this setup. Only used a few times. Not enough time to garden. Purchase from site below. Let me know if you have any questions.

$350 OBO


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