Living Soil from SymSoil

Living Soil from SymSoil

Check out the fungi hyphae, amoeba and beneficial nematode in this slide shot from our compost! 

Our company provides integrated soil health by focusing on microbial diversity by recolonizing native soil biomes.  Our biologically enhanced compost*, like humus, dramatically improves nutrient availability, soil porosity and water retention.  And it is available now!

The team at SymSoil has over 30 years of experience improving soil, closing the biological and ecological gaps left by conventional agriculture.  Inspired by Dr Elaine Ingham,  the SymSoil team has members trained in Korean Natural Farming (KNF), Soil Food Web, Permaculture, and other composting traditions. Some members have manufactured and applied biochar.

To learn more, call John at 415-729-9184 or send us an email at [email protected]   Learn more at or visit us at Facebook  or Instagram

*  We hesitate to refer to our core product as compost because it doesn’t begin to describe what this material does.  We have struggled to come up with a better word for this biologically enhanced, specially cultivated, dense with organic acids and nutrients. We’ve considered a number of terms other than the word compost, and have concluded that nothing else that expresses everything this product is.

In a word, it is SymSoil.

Sym is short for symbiotic, a reference to the affinity among the farmer, the crops, and the native biology of the soil. And the relationships we build.

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