Need A Yard Rabbit?

Need A Yard Rabbit?

Do you need a rabbit for your yard? Excellent for mowing weeds. Renegade likes to run free and can take care of herself, provided she has water and shelter to tuck under at night. She does not want to be cooped up in a rabbit hutch. She is friendly, but on her terms. Bright and curious. I’d like to find her a good home, as we are moving. $30. No eating her please nor feeding to snakes or for hound training. She’s a lovely lawn accoutrement. Rabbits do eat flowers and veggie gardens so don’t put her where she has access. Ideally a fence would keep her even more safe from predators. She does fine here. She would enjoy rabbit company that was friendly, or cats. A backyard would do nicely, and so would a farm.

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