new electric poultry net fence for sale

new electric poultry net fence for sale

I bought this fence- it’s never been unrolled. I realized that I needed to install a more permanent fence. The one I currently

have has been used non-stop for 10 years, and the goats have finally gotten the best of it. I’m selling because return shipping is so expensive and I’ve missed the return window. It was $197 new from Premier 1, so I’d like to get $175 for it, or best offer.

PoultryNet® 12/48/3 Electric Netting

Double Spike posts.

A prefabricated, portable electric fence that has 12 horizontal strands (11 conductive), is 48″ tall installed and has string verticals every 3″. Built-in line posts are spaced every 10′.

Keeps in goats,chickens, ducks, geese and other poultry while keeping their ground-based predators out. Recommended for active, flighty birds. The taller 48″ net is more likely to discourage large predators such as coyotes and dogs.

One roll (164 ft) weighs only 24 lbs. You will need a fence energizer to electrify the net.®+12%2F48%2F3+%28164%26%2339%3B+x+48%26%2334%3B+white%2Fblack+roll%29%2C+double+spike&species_id=0&cat_id=0

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