Opportunity to grow an agricultural and nursery project at O2 Artisans Aggregate

Opportunity to grow an agricultural and nursery project at O2 Artisans Aggregate

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O2 Artisans Aggregate (O2AA) is an eco-industrial yard located in a mixed-use zone in West Oakland. Comprised of a network of professional artisans, O2AA is a for-profit establishment that connects local craftspeople, farmers, and entrepreneurs. Organized by the founder of the well known, Oakland-based design-build studio and mill Joinery Structures, Paul Discoe, the Aggregate is comprised of independent tenants who practice interactive and sustainable methods by sharing spaces, resources, tools and machinery.

O2AA is looking for a skilled, adventurous, and entrepreneurial farmer/nursery person to manage and rent the agricultural and nursery spaces on site (including 3 greenhouses, a 40’ shipping container, and various raised beds). There is about 6000 sf of exterior space and 400 sf of interior space which includes a walk in fridge. Also included in the scope are an aquaponic greenhouse (336 sf) above our fish tank and a compost/wood chip pile.

O2AA would like to see the products sold both to retail on site and to wholesale markets.

Products to be sold:

  • Vegetables – onsite and restaurants and more
  • Vegetable starts
  • Flowers
  • Bedding plant starts
  • Trees for lumber
  • Permaculture trees
  • Compost 
  • Biochar 
  • Garden Tools
  • Seeds
  • Livestock Feed

O2AA can assist with some of the financial start up costs. Please email [email protected] with any questions or interest.

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