Pastured Pork from Green Goose Farm

Pastured Pork from Green Goose Farm

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We raise select heritage breeds on pasture and the animals are rotated every few days. They are fed the highest possible quality diet to provide nutrient dense meat and heart-healthy fats.

The meat is ruby red in color (due to minerals and nutrients), micro-marbled (providing succulent flavor), and high in Omega 3 and mono-unsaturated fats.    They are fed an optimum diet of fruit, vegetables, milk and yogurt, sprouted barley, fresh grass and hay.   No medications, chemicals, or hormones are employed or necessary; the animals are amazingly robust and vibrant.


Whole pig: $5.50 per pound hanging weight

Half Pig: $6.00 per pound hanging weight.


This price includes the slaughter and transport to the butcher, but does not include the butchering costs, e.g. cut and wrap, smoking and seasoning.  You will pay the butcher directly for those services


We estimate the hanging weight of the whole pig to be 175 pounds.

For more details, or to reserve your pork, contact Rebecca at

Here is what people have said about our pork:

“The bacon is some of the best I’ve ever had, the sausage is great and pork chops the other night were phenomenal!  We’ll be back for more!” ” Jennifer S., San Anselmo

“Definitely some of the best pork I have ever tasted!   Never knew pork could be soooooo good.” –Elaine L., Mountain View

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This Deal Expires March 30, 2017

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