“PEAS ROMAINE CALM!” says Guido from True Grass Farms

“PEAS ROMAINE CALM!” says Guido from True Grass Farms

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Lettuce extend a big thanks to the one and only Guido Frosini of True Grass Farms. He is a thoughtful, hard-working and jovial champion for sustainable agriculture, the CropMobster community and so much more!

Most recently, he decided to add a Peas Romaine Calm shirt to his wardrobe. We love the pic he sent in! For the month of January we are honored to feature Guido as a CropMobster spokesfarmer. 

Beyond the merch, Guido has been a contributor to this community from day #1. Making generous offers and alerts, contributing insights to drive improvements and supporting this effort with his hard-earned dollars.

Read More About Guido & True Grass Farms:  http://truegrassfarms.com/

Pioneering a new wave of stewardship, Guido works the land by working with it, balancing the natural cycles of soil and grass with the movement of cattle, pigs and all of us whose futures depend upon restoring a healthier and more sustainable relationship with our food. Read on.

Get Yours & Wear It With Pride: https://shop.cropmobster.com/

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Here are some other photos submitted by CropMobster community members!

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