Persimmon Apple Walnut Tomato and Organic Produce sale

Persimmon Apple Walnut Tomato and Organic Produce sale

This alert has been closed and is no longer available.


[Hours for November 12-19th Sunday-Sunday] See website for further information including details about the produce I grow.. 

3:00-4:00 PM (OPEN) Most week-days by APPOINTMENT>ON THE FARM  

2:00-4:00 PM    Walk-In SUNDAYS    


  This Friday, if the rain stops, I’ll be here and available from 1:30- 4:00 PM.


•      Brandywine Tomato-Red and Yellow;  [$1.50/lb.]

•      Chandler English Walnut (new crop)    $3/LB.

•      Fuyu Persimmon   $2/lb.   

•     Fuyu Box price Savings: 6 lbs./$10;  12 lbs./$18 or Super Savings 20 lbs./ $25

  • [That’s $1.66/lb.; $1.50/lb.; $1.25/lb. prices based on quantity purchased.]
  • Total 15 boxes available.    

•      Wonderful Pomegranate    $1/each

•      Braeburn, Granny Smith, Fuji Apples $1.25/lb.

•           + as many as 8 (eight) 20-40 lb. packed Braeburn, Granny, or Fuji Boxes —$1/lb.  

•   + 3 other “larger” Gravenstein boxes @1/2 price for sauce, hard cider, or juicing.  

***CIDER AND SAUCE MAKERS–Blemished/2nd’s Apples (available as the WHOLE pail (@$10) [approx.20 lb./ea.]    

Approximately 8 Larger boxes of quality apples (various varieties and weights) are still available@$1/lb.     

 Now’s the time to BUY APPLES!  Hope to hear from you.     

Other Produce at super savings:   

•    Bush Delicata; Watham Butternut Squash $2/ea.

•   Large Summer Squash $3/each

•   Odd Shaped Holiday Squash/Gourds $2/each 

•   ADDED GIFT ITEM:  ALL-IN-ONE ALMONDS  $1/bag [2017  harvest]   

When the rain lets up, I expect to pick more “Delightfully Perfect” Fuyu Persimmon and Wonderful Pomegranate!  You won’t be disappointed.  Come for a visit.  Taste them in the tray of my cut fruit, tomato, coffee and cookies…all for your enjoyment on Sunday sale days!   Sit down and savor it, or read and take a book on the table there!  You are my guest.  If I get to it on Sunday, I’ll prepare a large zucchini/marba squash as the “Thanksgiving meal,” as detailed on my website.   Some prices are reduced or changed and quantities have been updated as of November 16, 2017.  

•   Map is on this web site for your easy arrival.  .  Drive all the way in past both houses (DON’T BLOCK THE DRIVEWAY), and park in designated area next to the vineyard marked “Park.”  That’s solid ground, I think.  Look for me in the produce barn, the greenhouse, or outside.  Better still, yell “Don!  Where are you?”  I don’t own or use a cell-phone.  Right now, it’s pretty wet and muddy, so drive and dress appropriately.    This Friday, if the rain stops, I’ll be here and available from 1:30- 4:00 PM.   

•    Bring your own bag or box, if you have it.

•   Cash and exact change, please.


Farmer Don

Registered Organic Produce
Don’s Farm.
3537 Phillips Ave.
Santa Rosa, 95407. 
Take Highway 101 to Santa Rosa; Turn at Todd Road going West; Cross Stony Point Road; Turn right at Phillips; Don’s Farm is on the left at 3537 Phillips Ave., all the way back to the barn!

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