Petaluma Library Landscape Revitalization

Petaluma Library Landscape Revitalization

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 Come on out for a morning in the garden with your loved ones, neighbors, librarians, and local community members!

On Mother’s Day weekend, Daily Acts will be hosting a celebratory morning of garden maintenance at the Petaluma Library. This site was completed just last year, and it is now time to re-assess and help out the landscape with some infill planting, weeding, and mulching. We’ll discuss the plants that were chosen and why as well as proper care techniques. You’ll also have the chance to install some additional plants, check irrigation and discuss the importance of mulch reapplication.

Learn about the steps that it took to complete this project and the various water-wise features that are incorporated. You too can apply these techniques to any sized site, and we want to support you in doing so. We hope to see you there! 

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