Polled Oberhausli Milk Goat

Polled Oberhausli Milk Goat

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Constance is 2-years-old, Half Alpine, Half Oberhausli.  It’s her first freshening, and she’s giving around 3 quarts/day (don’t know for sure because her kid is on her 1/2 time still).  Very sweet goat, though somewhat timid.  Herd tested free of CAE, Johnnes, etc.  Polled means she is naturally hornless, so any kids she has will have a 50% chance of having horns.  Knows how to browse and walk with the herd.  We just have too many goats in milk right now and need to pare down, so she got voted off the pasture.   Must go to a home with other unhorned goats.

We would be willing to buy her back in the future or work out some sort of shared goat arrangement, we just can’t keep up with all the milk we’re getting right now!

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