Position open at New Family Farm

Position open at New Family Farm

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New Family Farm is in its 8th farming season. Starting with 1 acre and a lot of hard work, we’ve had many incarnations. We’ve raised milking goats, sheep, hogs, chickens, and worked our vegetable fields with several teams of draft horses (In the past 2 years we’ve transitioned away from using draft horses) . We strive to constantly better ourselves, our farm and our community, through, reflection, innovation and the shared experience.


This season we plan to cultivate about 15 acres of vegetables. We take pride in working smarter not harder (though we do work plenty hard), and hold high standards for both growing process and the quality of our produce. New Family Farm takes pride in a balanced workplace approach. We maintain high standards of quality and efficiency but aim to do it all while having fun. We have music in the fields to keep us dancing and the birds overhead to keep us in awe.

​Work at New Family Farm is diverse–sometimes you’ll have the same task all day, and sometimes you’ll do 8 different tasks in a day. The tasks we’ll ask of your are fairly predictable of a farm of our size and include: 1) greenhouse production 2) transplanting 3) weeding 4) harvesting (50 % or more of job may be harvest) 5) Washing, sorting, packing (we call this post harvest handling 6) Delivering and farmers market sales 7) building and repairing farm infrastructure. 8) Irrigation (moving pipes!)

Job Requirements 1) Be a team player. The farm crew often, but not always works together. Farm crew members must be comfortable working in big groups – up to 10 people- or solo, depending on the task at hand and the season. 2) We count on our employees to help us make this farm better. We ask employees to observe our processes and offer suggestions for improvement. It’s your farm too! 3) We believe the best leaders know when to step up, and know when to step back. We often ask our employees to step up into positions of leadership and management. We ask that employees be open to stepping into both of these roles: leader and follower. 4) Work is often physically challenging. Folks who take care of themselves the best, are often most successful at this job. Eating regular, full meals, drinking lots of water and getting good sleep are tantamount to success at New Farmily Farm. On our part, we do our best to keep days manageable in length ( 8 hours), though there is variability depending on the season. We may work longer in the summer, and shorter in the fall and spring. 5) Communicate. If you are going to be late, call. If you want a day off give as much notice as possible. We are reasonable people, and understand that life happens. Please just let us know. 6) Prior farming experience is preferred but not required.

Compensation, Length of employment, and Upward Mobility 1) Starting Compensation ranges from 10-13$/hr DOE 11$/hr for folks with limited experience, and goes up DOE. Paydays bi-monthly at the middle and end of the month. 2) The job starts now, and goes to thanksgiving. We do offer some flexibility for start dates and end dates. 3) Hours will vary according to season and weather. Summertime hours can range from 35- 60 hours week. Spring and fall hours range from 20-45 hours per week. We do our best to keep hours predictable and stable. 4) We are setting the farm up to be able to employ 1-3 people year-around (though hours may become part-time during the winter). We are excited to find the right crew members to step into year-round managerial-type roles. Raises will be available for these roles.

To apply please email a cover letter and resume to newfamilyfarmers@gmail.com We will contact all applicants within 3 days

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