Purebred Nubian Bucklings for sale

Purebred Nubian Bucklings for sale

Three Purebred Nubian Bucklings for sale. Bred for Milk flavor and production, and longevity. Born January 29, 2017; they will be ready to work soon.

Their genetics are: Six M Galaxy, Pennyroyal, Black Mesa, and Goldthwaite.

Their pedigree can be viewed here: http://adgagenetics.org/PlannedPedigreePrint.aspx?SireNum=N001774990&DamNum=N001695305

Their dam tested as Alpha Casein S1 A/A, which means her milk, and likely the milk of her grandaughters, can produce higher yields for cheesemakers. She is a 16 Star Milker, with a lovely udder, pictured below.

The usual price for these bloodlines is $600-$800 each. I am asking $250 each, without papers, which is approximately break even pricing.

Thank you for looking 🙂


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