Retain the Rain – Rainwater Harvesting Presentation

Retain the Rain – Rainwater Harvesting Presentation

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Maximize Rainwater in your Garden!

Collecting the drops of rain from your gutter is an easy, water-wise approach to supplement irrigation needs in your garden. This presentation will be lead by Damien McAnany of Abundant Earth: Deep Green Land Design, and will consist of an overview of the environmental benefits of rainwater harvesting as well as ideas on how to incorporate these benefits in your landscape. You will learn about different storage catchment designs as well as techniques that can be applied in almost any garden space. This presentation will help set the context for the upcoming rain barrel installation at Cherry Valley School on Saturday, February 23rd.

Damien has been working in sustainable landscape construction since 2007. He is an ecologist committed to bringing the wisdom of permaculture into mainstream landscaping. He is a Certified Landscape Technician, trained Permaculture Designer and ISA certified arborist (#8772-A) and is a Qualified Water Efficient Landscaper. Damien specializes in alternative water design including rainwater harvesting, greywater and rain gardens. He has a Permaculture Design Certification and completed a Permaculture Teachers training course. Damien holds an M.S. in Environmental Education from the Audubon Expedition Institute. He is passionate about pushing the edges of sustainability in landscapes; we are so excited to partner with him!

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