When You Share Alerts Good Things Happen in Your Community

When You Share Alerts Good Things Happen in Your Community

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Positive results are never guaranteed when posting a CropMobster alert.  But thankfully, good things tend to happen more often than not. The reason is that we, the community members, roll up our sleeves and spends a small of time sharing via email, phone or social media.

A Few Stories — Sharing for Impact

Recently, a homeowner alerted the community that fruit from her orange and lemon trees needed a good home. Within hours community volunteers and gleaners stepped in to save the food from going to waste.

Here’s another…. An elementary school garden program had everything ready to go. All they needed was a truckload of compost. They posted an alert and within days a community member was backing into the garden with a load of compost.

And another…A local grocer had 10,000 pounds of organic food scraps getting dumpstered each week and posted an alert, looking for a pig farmer. Again, within hours a local pig farmer answered the call and now the scraps are being re-routed to a local farm. Even better, the pig farmer is now getting help from the CropMobster community through pork purchases.

When You Share Alerts Good Things Happen!!!

Each of these stories had one commonality – a few people shared the alert!  It only takes a second and can make a load of good happen.

Here are 4 ways to share alerts.

  • Sign up for the email alerts and forward them
  • Join the facebook crowd and share alerts
  • Do some Twitter-ly Retweeting
  • Or pick up the darned phone and call friends you think might be interested

Peas Out and Thanks!!!

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