Side Road “Honor Farm” Opens for its 2017 season…

Side Road “Honor Farm” Opens for its 2017 season…

Side Road Farm is now open for business, its third season. It is an organic “honor farm” run by our children where they have learned a lot about business agriculture, and  meeting nice people in our community. This venture helped our son Tristan get into Chico State’s business school where he will be returning in August for his second year.

Current available produce are: Gravenstein apples (.50 each), honey in 1/2 pints ($6.00), honey comb in clam shells ($6.00), honey sticks (.50), dried persimmons (1/4 lb. $5.00), dried Gravenstein apples (1/4 lb. $5.00), 1/2 pints of assorted jams [peach, strawberry and blackberry] made through a pressure canner ($6.00) and pints of apple sauce made through a pressure canner ($6.00).

The pears, peaches and other produce will come later.

Thank you for reading this posting and supporting “Future Farmers” of Sonoma County.

Best regards.

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