Help With The Final PUSH! 90% Funded-10% to Go!

Help With The Final PUSH! 90% Funded-10% to Go!

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Hey Everybody, I have been crowdfunding for a month and tomorrow is the final deadline. I’m 90% funded thanks to old friends and family and the kindness of strangers, but I want YOU to know what I’m up to as well. You see, I’m kind of slyly fermenting a REVOLUTION! Yeah, that’s right.. I have a very long story to tell ya but honestly, Hot Sauce is in my blood. I live for this stuff and I’m just learning a lot of you are into it too.

So just do me a favor, until we have the pleasure of meeting,- help a LoCal- NorCal  girl out and help me out with a contribution of your choice. I’m gratefully 90% funded and am really looking to find friends in the NOr Cal area who can really see my heart and dig what I’m doing. Thanks Bunches!

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Deb Rock the founder of Sonoma Hot Sauce is the founder, the farmer and the farm workers daughter. Deb knows that with help of other farmers, gardeners and community advocates, we can help create a community condiment that can offer economic resiliency, sustainability and add flavor to friendships and our local economy. .  Sonoma Hot Sauce a 100% Sonoma Sourced Hot Sauce, is a community condiment that encourages small and backyard farmers to grow the organic peppers needed to scale Sonoma Hot Sauce. We hope that the flavorful sauce that we create together will be on every table in our community reflecting the pride of the people that live and work in our fields, vineyards and community thus creating economic resiliency for us all.



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