Summer Fruit Tree Thinning and Pruning

Summer Fruit Tree Thinning and Pruning

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Learn the art of growing beautiful fruit trees that also produce prolifically, and start your own backyard orchard! This class is the first part of our ‘Home Orchard’ series, including ‘Summer Fruit Tree Thinning and Pruning for Quality’ (this class), ‘Fall Fruit Tree Pruning for Beauty and Bounty’ (10/14/2017), and ‘Bare-root Fruit Tree Planting’ (1/20/2018). Purchase your tickets early and save!
This hands-on workshop will focus on two topics:
Summer Pruning:
Learn how and when to prune your fruit trees in the summer to maximize fruit production and quality. For example: Should you prune apricots in August? What to do with your plum and apple whips? What to do about peach leaf curl? Find out why and learn the secrets of pruning your apricot trees during the summer.
Fruit Thinning:
When is less actually more? When you should thin fruit (yes- cut it off the tree!) to increase the size, sweetness and quality of your fruit harvest. For example: Learn how not to use stakes to hold up drooping and weighted branches.
Participants will get to try out techniques hands-on with the fruit trees at Common Ground Garden.Tom Cronin has gardened for over 25 years, and he is extensively involved in a number of local projects, such as City Trees and Incredible Edible Redwood City. To read all about his experience, visit his website, Tom’s Edible Gardens.

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