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Sustain The Next Generation of Sustainable Farmers! Help The Farmers Guild Succeed and Grow!!

Sustain The Next Generation of Sustainable Farmers! Help The Farmers Guild Succeed and Grow!!

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The Farmers Guild, founded by farmers for farmers, is working to raise a minimum of $15,000 to build a stronger community of Free Farmers in each of our seven Guilds!  Our Farmers will get the connections, resources and services they need to thrive, including access to the Farmers Guild Scholarship Fund. To learn more please watch our short video and pledge whatever you can!

The Farmers Guild works to establish a network of social and professional hubs for farmers across California. The Guild is where farmers connect, collaborate and find the resources they need to thrive, stimulating stronger local economies, creating social equity, and sustaining our natural resources. And we need your support to keep this movement alive!

Our crowd-funding campaign will enable the non-profit organization driving the Guilds to succeed, assisting our local farmers and building the local food webs upon which we all rely. We all have a stake in the future of food. Please help us make this possible.

Watch our short video and learn more at:

The Farmers Guild Barnraiser

We are building an alternative professional and social hub for farmers, giving a home for those with a more progressive understanding of our food system’s environmental, social and economic challenge
s—as well as the many new opportunities made possible by appropriate technology and an increasingly informed consumer base. Our Guilds are conducive to the needs, culture and style of a newer generation, attracting a younger and much-needed generation to this vocation. We want to tell the story of a new wave of agriculture that is equally committed to both viable economic models of food production as well as a commitment to sustainability, resiliency and social justice.

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