Roo – Free to a Good Home

Roo – Free to a Good Home

Our beloved chick, Tiger Lily, turned out to be Tiger Leonard. We wish we could keep him, but we live in a city and are not supposed to have a rooster. Mr. Tiger Lillian is free to a good home, ideally a farm or somewhere with a bit more space to crow freely as roosters do.

He is an Easter Egger, 6 months old, purchased from Marin Valley Chickens when he was a day-old chick (and was supposed to be a hen).

It’s always a little heartbreaking when we learn one of our chicks is a rooster, because just like in the past, we have bonded with Mr. Tiger Lily and wish we could keep him. That 10% chance of a rooster has not really proved itself to us, yet.

So far he’s been very good with the hens. He keeps a close watch and doesn’t peck or get overly aggressive with the hens while mating. He is attentive, keeps an eye out for hawks, and alerts the ladies as often as needed.

Ideally Mr. Lilith goes to a farm or home with more space than our urban lot, with the job of protecting the hens. Perhaps you’d like to breed Easter Eggers, and he could create a beautiful mix of egg colors with your hens. We would love to live somewhere where we could do that one day.

We’ve raised him and the flock 100% organically and free-range in our larger urban back garden: organic food, bundles of kale and healthy treats each day, fresh water with Apple Cider Vinegar each day, buttermilk on occasion for healthy digestion. Elderberries have been a particular favorite. He’s quite healthy and rather handsome. 🐯🐓

Mr. Tiger Lily Pad is free to a good home. He currently resides in East Richmond on our small urban farm. We would probably be willing to bring him to you if that’s what it takes to see this fella re-homed well. Night time would be the easiest time to pick him up. He has “splash” feathering. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

We don’t want him going to any old place, so please tell us a little about where he’d be living if you brought Mr. Lily Man home.

We can send more photos via email. For some reason Cropmobster only allows one half-way cut off photo to be uploaded.

All the best,

Heather and Dave

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