Want to start a Black Soldier Fly Larvae business?

Want to start a Black Soldier Fly Larvae business?

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O2 Artisans’ Aggregate is looking for a motivated, dedicated, responsible, and excited person to incubate and manage a Black Soldier Fly Larvae business on our property in West Oakland. We can help cover the initial capital costs and provide below-market rate rent.

We would like to see the business thrive as part of our overall goal of promoting progressive urban agricultural models. We currently are raising fish and chickens and hope to expand our livestock operation. The larvae will be a key ingredient in the feed production we hope to develop too.

If this opportunity is exciting please email or call Aitan at 510.691.0290 or aitanmizrahi@gmail.com

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Black Soldier Flies as Recyclers of Waste and Possible Livestock Feed

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