We have a 1/4 acre garden on almost 2 acres in San Rafael, CA ( 25 min north of SF). We are interested in help with planting and maintaining the garden and grounds. This will include weeding, watering, harvesting, turning compost piles and so on. We have an active beehive and a chicken coop. We have berry bushes, citrus, guava, quince and olive trees –  all of which need maintenance, harvest and processing.

We’d also like help with pickling, fermenting, dehydrating and preserving during harvest as well as research of organic/bio-dynamic methods. We are interested in carbon farming so both research and implementation are needed as well as building soil life with worms, compost tea, mulching, making Bio-char and more.

We are a big family house with 4 kids. We currently have 3-5 adults but that may change. There is a saltwater swimming pool, hot tub, and public land with many trails right up against the property. We eat a healthy omnivore diet and host music, dance and talk gatherings. We are on the outskirts of San Rafael, so a car is a huge bonus, though there is a bus stop about a 15 min walk away. The accommodations are basic (a  120 square feet shed or an Airstream) and we sometimes have wwoofers, sadly we can’t host kids or pets.

In the past we had nightly family dinners and common food but at the moment we are experimenting with a new system in which we give you a budget to do weekly shopping from and you will have to create a meal plan and cook for yourself.

We prefer you do not smoke tobacco on the property but are open to discussion if you are a fit.

We are looking for people that are creative, friendly and engaging  who will enjoy interacting with People, kids, plants and earth. We ask for a trial period to determine suitability.  If this sounds like a good fit for you please contact us!

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