Bee Hives Wanted

This map promotes local landowners, farmers, and others who are interested in hosting bee hives and bee keepers on their property.  Beekeeping hobbyists or small family bee/hobbyists businesses can use the map to locate landowners in your area to potentially team up with.

If you are looking to host bees and beekeepers at your place you can add your farm or location today using the form below. 

THANK YOU for participating! If you have any needs, feedback or support requests please email support[at]


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Farmers and landowners interested in bees can submit your information in the form below.  The CropMobster team will review the listing and put you “on the map.” Thank you for your participation!

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This mapping effort started by noticing that a number of small landowners and farmers in the CropMobster community are interested in hosting bees and beekeepers on their property. CropMobster created a poll to assess whether or not a map might be helpful for these folks. There was a great deal of interest so together we’ve built this map with additional input from the Marin County Beekeepers & local businesses like Bloomfield Bees Honey & Henry’s Bullfrog Bees. Thanks to all!


If you have a bee swarm on your property, are interested in learning more about the world of bees and beekeeping we encourage you to reach out to your local beekeeping organization.