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CropMobster has partnered with UC Cooperative Extension and the Sonoma County Food Recovery Coalition to publish a county-wide online directory of groups and organizations that accept donations of food (produce, dry goods, and prepared food). The intent of this resource is to divert edible, nutritious food from our waste stream and redirect it to people in need. If your group or organization accepts food donations feel free to get on the map!  For more information about this collaboration, please watch our short video.

Here’s a list of the key food recovery non-profits operating in Sonoma County:

  • Farm to Pantry operates in Northern Sonoma County doing gleaning at farms and home gardens.
  • Petaluma Bounty operates in Southern Sonoma County and does gleaning in that region.
  • SONOMA Food Runners picks up and distributes prepared and unprepared food throughout Sonoma County.
  • The Redwood Empire Food Bank (REFB) is the largest hunger-relief organization serving north coastal California. In addition to accepting smaller donations, REFB will pick up food donations of 500 pounds or more.

For more information about donating or receiving food in your neighborhood, click on the resource map below.

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If you have additional questions or would prefer to do the survey over the phone, please email or call [email protected] or (707) 775-3663 Ext. 6.