How it Works

CropMobster is an online community-based exchange system for the trade and exchange items within the food and agricultural space. CropMobster SF Bay is focused on providing a locally based community for hunger relievers, tackle food waste and build our “farm-to-fork” economy in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Alerts are posted by the local community, which contain offers or requests in search of anything within the food and agriculture system. When these alerts are published, the community is sent email notifications which acts as a crowdsourced solution to get together to share or connect with others in our local areas.

To participate in your community exchange, we have broken it down into 5 key points.

  • Register for a CropMobster SF Bay account
  • Get real time or daily/weekly digest of alerts
  • Post an Alert
  • Share alerts with your social community
  • Message alert owners to exchange

How CropMobster Works

Posting Alerts

Anyone can publish an alert on CropMobster SF Bay by following the simple steps below:

  1. SIGNUP using your Email Address and click on SUBMIT AN ALERT
  2. Enter in all the details for your alert and submit it
  3. Locally-based CropMobster moderators will quickly review your alert and publish it as soon as possible
  4. Your alert will then be BROADCAST via email and social media to subscribers in the community

To learn more, watch our video walkthrough on how to post an alert on CropMobster!

There many types of alerts that you can publish! From Sales, Events, Trades, Donations, Jobs, Wanted, Freebies, and more!

Share Alerts to Spark Impact

CropMobster SF Bay is working to support positive food system impact through sharing, connecting and working together in our community. If you receive an alert and know of an individual or organization who may benefit from an alert or offer, we highly encourage sharing of alerts with your social community.

Once you learn the basics, you will find that there are unlimited ways to use CropMobster SF Bay! From posting sales or wanted alerts to sharing events, job postings and freebies. There are a ton of ways to participate! It takes a community to fight food waste and build a circular economy!

Receiving and Sharing Alerts

  1. To receive CropMobster Alerts, simply SIGNUP using your Email Address.
  2. At any time, in your account settings, you can choose to receive Real-Time email alerts when they happen or get a Daily or Weekly email digest. When you sign up, you will be automatically enrolled in a Daily Digest.
  3. You will then be able to view the details of the alert and contact the alert owner directly if you are interested.
  4. We also encourage everyone share these alerts with their social community on Facebook or Twitter



We look forward to serving you!

The Team @ CropMobster SF Bay