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Welcome to CropMobster, a free service for local food producers and vendors! By leveraging social media and “instant email alerts” we spread the word quickly about local food excess and surplus from any supplier in the food chain, get healthy food to those in need, help local businesses recover costs, prevent food waste and connect our community in new and fun ways. Join our community today and get started! 

We Build Community Around Your Brand!

We Increase Your Visibility & Customer Base. CropMobster™ is a very effective and valuable way to introduce your farm, food business or organization to the local community. By offering genuinely valuable deals, freebies, discounts or donations to the community you will create a groundswell of support and interest in your operation and build community around your brand!

How It Works for Traders & Producers

  1. Simply signup above using your Email Address or Social Media account and click on SUBMIT AN ALERT
  2. Your alert will then be BROADCAST to more than 6000+ SUBSCRIBERS in your local area via Email Alerts & Social Media.
  3. See the many TYPES OF ALERTS and examples that you can publish below. From Deals, Donations, Freebies and More!

How it Works

We Exist to Help You Get Results

Our team at CropMobster™ respects that your time is precious and that marketing budgets are tight or non-existent. We exist to help you get results fast when you have little time to deal with your surplus or excess food and materials.  Secondly, our platform allows you to transform items of excess surplus into new customers and unparalleled visibility as you put your best foot forward in service to your community. On CropMobster™, with very little effort you can create $1000′s in value for your business over the course of a year. This value the form of a) new loyal customers b) new dollars and c) priceless, authentic brand exposure.

CropMobster - How it WOrks



  Let us help you sell! Feel free to use this site to sell anything related to food, farming and gardening and along the way highlight your business. From local vegetables  and eggs to farm/garden supplies we’re here to help your farm-to-fork business reach customers and sell.

EVENTS: Advertise your community events and sales! If you have a community plant sale. Post an event and share with your Facebook network and see your event prosper.

DONATIONS: Community grocers, restaurants and citizens with surplus food can make donations to local organizations. Whether your surplus is artisanal breadorganic cow cheese, post a donation alert and connect with your community hunger relief organizations.

WANTED: Just like listing classifieds, except with social media and crowdsourcing power! Help local Kickstarter projects. If you have a need, post it and your community will respond!

GLEANING:  Many community church closets and food banks will build a network of volunteers, farmers and gardeners to hand-gather crops to deliver to hunger relief organizations, preventing food waste and connecting the community. List your “Gleaning” alerts and watch your network grow!

LAND: If you are looking for land to garden or have land you can post alerts as many others have done successfully. And if you make your alert rich with pictures and your story folks will help spread the word to get you the leads you’re looking for.

TRADE: Trading is another great way to exchange goods or services without a cash transaction. Create an alert to help feed your pigs with kitchen scraps and offer farm fresh pork sausage in exchange. If you have a strength, let’s say website development, you can make a post offering your website development services in exchange for farm-fresh meats.

CROWDFUND: Fund your venture by raising capital and support for your project! Such as this Seed Harvest Project; you help with up-front seed harvest costs this spring/summer and you get seeds this fall. This is another way to support our local farmers and business ventures.

FREE:  Another listing that can easily cut back on waste, are “freebies”. If you have 50 pounds of wool, that would otherwise go to waste, post it! Composting is great, not only for soil but to combat waste and some of this ‘waste’ can also be used to feed farm animals.  There are many listings for juice pressings and organic kale stems.

IMPACT: A way to further involvement through stories of our community’s results. Check out this impact alert for asingle-day record of gleaning 913 pounds of oranges distributed to hunger relief organizations. Check out our progress as a team: 365 Days of Collaboration and Impact!

THANKS: There are many local programs that benefit the community and this is another alert type that allows you to “thank” sponsors, programs and leaders for their support.

By leveraging social media we’re able to spread the word quickly, getting food on empty plates, preventing waste and connecting our community.