All we care about are the RESULTS. Here are just a small portion of the the kind words and feedback that our Subscriber community has shared. We appreciate any and all feedback to help inspire our team and contribute to further improvements.


  • ”This week, thanks to CropMobster, 9 families and an entire preschool were fed super affordable delicious organic produce. Somehow EVERYONE came out ahead. Thanks CropMobster for inventing a new economy!” – Nathan F.
  • ”We were able to get everything we needed at Roseland Creek Elementary school garden – over 500 plant and veggie starts for a local nursery.” – Gioia G.
  • ”CropMobster is an amazing and long overdue vehicle for the small to medium ag producer! It has allowed us to manage cash flow by getting a small sum of money for something that was either going to go to waste, backing up storage facilities that cost money or worse, the ethical cost of not being able to afford to donate it to someone that could use it. It is really hard to justify time and money to load and deliver something you want to donate, once you spend the time to find an organization that can use what you have at that given moment. With CropMobster, all those stresses are taken away and good gets done simply and swiftly.” – Adam P., Victorian Farmstead
  • ”CropMobster is an amazing creation, and we have been using it on Fridays to help us responsibly donate our leftovers. It’s super easy to use and incredibly efficient.” – Tahnee, Good Eggs
  • ”I got 2 really great volunteers from my CropMobster alert, wonderful people and 3 great kids too. Thank you very much for helping me to get these people. My family was dealing with some medical issues and these volunteers made all the difference in our U Pick. Without them, I would not have been able to carry on.” – Sally G.
  • ”I posted on your site this morning for goat cheese and milk, and by tonight had at least six new contacts for our products!!! Thanks so much for putting this together. I can’t wait to see how things develop.” – Liz L.
  • ”Wow! The girls (egg laying chickens) found a home in 20 minutes. CropMobster is rad!” – Tammi S.
  • ”We are a long way from any kind of distributive justice in the US of A. There are, however some people really working at it and CropMobster is one of the most dramatic examples. It is holy work to find ways to nourish one another with produce and products that would otherwise go to waste.” – Peter L.
  • ”CropMobster is creating a much needed revolution in local food distribution. By connecting small farmers and producers directly to those who can use their food, CropMobster does two things that are critically important to the long-term health of the community – helping farmers make a living by getting more healthy fresh food to those who most need it. Brilliant!” – Cathryn Couch, Executive Director, Ceres Community Project & Member, Sonoma County Food System Alliance
  • ”Thank you so much for setting CropMobster up – as someone who has been farming for many years, it is making a HUGE difference!” – Amrita, Foggy River Farm
  • ”Y’all know what makes my heart go BOOM BOOM BOOM! Keeping good food from being waste. Jump on the sustainable county bounty train now… this CropMobster engine is taking off FAST!” – Jennifer H.
  • ”Thanks for being an amazing, important part of the California community, CropMobster!” – California Harvest
  • ”It’s organizations like this that will help change our world for the better – I have a few rescue hens coming and sooooo many tomatoes to can – great deals on great food supporting great people. Win all the way around.” – Megan L.
  • ”Thank you CropMobster – We sold 80 more pounds of produce to people aged 2-75. People have come from Oakland, Santa Rosa and around the corner. We are so grateful to be getting our produce into jams, apple sauce, heirloom chutney recipes and hard ciders. Our trees feel lighter, our customers are happy and the garden is more able to sustain itself with the flow of income!” – Sonoma Garden Park
  • ”I had no idea what real-time applications like this could do to our world, thank you.” – Rick P.
  • ”The time has come for this! Finally. It’s like No Duh! Getter done and thank you!” – Rose H.
  • ”This is truly the future of a real community supported food system. I’m so excited to be participating in this endeavor and I hope you all will join me. Lend a hand picking, stage a mob, donate money, register your farm or business, donate money ;), BELIEVE that we CAN make a difference. Love you guys!” – Berry S.